3D Wallpaper TV Back


3D Wallpaper TV Back

Televisions, which are indispensable technological products of living rooms, also direct the decoration of the house. In fact, TV manufacturers, who set out with this idea, have designed technology that will give colored light to the back of the television. According to this technology, the colors seen on the television at that moment are reflected on the wall behind the television. Many people have changed the televisions in their homes with this developing technology. TV units are furniture produced to serve the same purpose. TV units with various models and styles were initially in the form of a coffee table with a single bottom, but later they started to be produced to include the TV as top and bottom. For years these TV units have been used and are being used. However, with a newly added idea to the decoration fashion, TV units turn into coffee tables again and 3D wallpaper TV back is designed for. 3D wallpapers add depth to the space just like mirrors.

Tv Unit 3D Wallpapers

Tv Unit 3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers Behind the TV

Homeowners who want to breathe new life into their homes, downsize their TV units and, into the background 3D wallpapers behind the TV They paste the ones they like. These wallpapers can be in various shapes and models or landscape photos. The wall where the TV is located is completely covered with wallpaper. Since the non-patterned side of the wallpapers is adhesive, people can easily obtain the product and paste it themselves at home.

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3D wallpapers behind the TV While producing for the customer, the model requested by the customer is determined first. Afterwards, it is printed according to the wall dimensions. Wallpapers can also be purchased online at very reasonable prices. You choose the model among the available 3D wallpapers. You mark the printing paper of your wallpaper. It can be vinyl wallpaper or textile fabric. Then you enter the width and height dimensions of your wall and place an order. Special production is made for your size. Regardless of your wall size, your wallpaper will come in 100 cm pieces. You should stick them in sequence without visual distortion. For example; The amount to be paid for vinyl paper, 3 meters wide, 2.10 meters high and a floral wallpaper is 309 TL. If you want to print the same size wallpaper on textile fabric, the fee will be 435 TL. This price varies according to the vendors, the wallpaper model and the size of your wall.

Vinyl wallpaper is printed with water-based, harmless latex ink. When ordering, ask for a guarantee that the color of the wallpaper will not fade over time, that it will be odorless and that the paint will not flow. Wallpaper should be erasable and thick textured. The pattern should be printed completely for its partial future.

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Textile fabric wallpapers can be deleted. Unlike vinyl wallpapers, fabric wallpaper is shipped in one piece. It is not adhesive. After applying glue to the wall, the bonding process can be done. The wall to be bonded must be satin plaster and smooth.

background tv wallpapers

background tv wallpapers

How Should The TV Behind The Wallpaper Be?

Wallpaper should be chosen according to the area to be pasted. If the living room is not as large as desired, 3D wallpapers should be preferred in order to add depth. Another point to note is that 3D wallpaper should be applied to a single wall and the focal point should be that wall. Watching television is an eye-straining activity. Therefore, if wallpaper is being considered for the back of the TV, patterns that will not tire the eyes should be preferred. Light colors, stone patterns and vintage patterns 3D wallpapers behind the TV It is suitable for

3D wallpapers behind the TV As nice as it may look for your eyes, you can also enhance the look and reduce eye strain with additional LED lighting.


SUMMARY: The production of 3D wallpapers for the back of the TV is explained, and the points to be considered in the selection of wallpaper are given. Sample patterns are mentioned in order that the wallpaper does not tire the eyes.

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