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We are in one of the most beautiful times of the year when the weather starts to cool in the evenings, schools are opened, holidaymakers return to the city and city culture and art activities gain momentum. With the taste of summer on our palate and the warmth of the sun on our skin, the sweet sadness of returning to the city and leaving the beautiful sunsets and beaches behind is with us. Various ways to get through this summer farewell ceremony more enjoyable are still with us. Enjoying the city’s garden spaces while the weather is still nice is another way to enjoy the after-summer. I have compiled six of your favorite outdoor places with a garden in Istanbul for you.

#1 Kuzguncuk Garden Cafe, Kuzguncuk

In fact, cafes in every corner of Kuzguncuk are great to welcome autumn. The reason why I started this list with Kuzguncuk Orchard is that I can’t eat anywhere else in the city with a view of the garden. With the friendliness of the employees, the peace of mind of looking at the garden and the taste of each and every meal, it will make you say that returning to the city is not too bad. I recommend you to try their daily menus and olive oil varieties.

#2 The Allis, Sishane

The Allis, which is quite calm during the day, is a peaceful afternoon place in my eyes with its pleasant beverage menu and an area where you can work on your own, feel like home, and choose sugar-free desserts and daily appetizers from the buffet. The green area in its garden, unlike the rest of Şişhane, is quite calm and gives the feeling of not being in the city. Located at the entrance of Soho House, The Allis can be entered without being a member of Soho.

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#3 Voi Central, Etiler

Voi Central, one of the popular children of the city with its healthy and organic food and beverage menu, should have entered the list with its sugar-free desserts, detox waters and coffee varieties prepared with specially brewed coffee beans. The carefully selected sculptures in the garden and the chaise longue and shared staircase area they added to the seating plan make the garden even more enjoyable.

#4 Juliet Rooms & Kitchen, Fashion

The breakfast menu of Juliet Rooms & Kitchen, which is also a boutique hotel, is quite ambitious. Located at the end of one of the alternative streets leading down to the beach, hidden in greenery, Juliet is a hidden spot. It is an ideal place to visit for breakfast to catch up with your friends who have returned to the city, where you can take your book and go on your own.

#5 Lemon Garden, Taksim

Limonlu Bahçe is a place that we can recognize from the happy lemon trees inside, but that offers peace to those who want to get away from the crowd of Taksim, which has rose, linden, plum and jasmine trees. It does not reveal itself at the entrance, if you are going for the first time, do not be surprised by the feeling of entering any building. Their lemonade, on the other hand, might be one of the best in town.

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#6 Chalcedon, Kalamis

Offering a peaceful atmosphere in Kalamış Park, located on the beach side of Kalamış, which is one of the quietest and family districts on the Anatolian side, and leaving a very free space in terms of both menu content and area, Khalkedon is a peaceful place where you can go for breakfast or dinner.

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