Barisol Ceiling Models

Recently, we have seen quite often in buildings such as houses, workplaces, hotels. Barisol Ceiling Models The system shows the structures in which it is used quite elegantly. This suspended ceiling system consists of two different materials, it is designed by heating aluminum profiles and stretching them like a thin sheet. It is possible to apply it to all surfaces, not just ceilings, with different colors, different geometric shapes (square, rectangular, round, etc.). Its use is also comfortable and hygienic in terms of cleaning. It does not ignite in case of fire. Since it is very light (m2-200 gr), it is not possible to encounter situations such as falling, sagging, cracking.

You can add details such as landscape photos, paintings, solid colors to the barisol ceiling, create a decoration that suits your style, or create a plain barisol lighting You can use the option to get a simpler image. This ceiling, which has a wide variety, has 180 different color options. There are many models to choose from.

Barisol stretch ceiling You can use it in every area of ​​your home with this system, also known as You can use this ceiling, which can be seen in building entrances, elevators, bedrooms, children’s rooms and halls, for decorative or lighting purposes. When you get bored with the ceiling you have made, you can move that product to a different place. This ceiling model has examples in 20 textures such as lacquered, transparent, matte and metallic. If there is a surface in your home that disrupts the image integrity; problems such as roughness, algae, cracks, fungus, etc. You can choose a barisol ceiling. If you get bored later or change the style of the house, you can optionally paint it with acrylic paint.

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These ceilings with 100% recyclable material will not adversely affect your health.

3D Barisol Stretch ceiling

These applications, which are mostly used in places such as workplaces and hotel entrances, look nice in places where the ceiling height is at least 3-4 meters. You can apply any 3-dimensional shape you have designed or have you designed to the places you choose. This application can be done easily even where there are any beams except flat surfaces. With such applications, you can decorate your work and living spaces.

3D Barisol Stretch ceiling

3D Barisol Stretch ceiling

Barisol stretch ceiling construction stages

– Laths are placed on the surface where the stretch ceiling will be made. (The stretch ceiling will be fixed to these laths.)

-Aluminum profiles are fixed on this lath. (This application is for increasing the voltage.)

– Depending on the shape and model of the barisol stretch ceiling, led lights or lamps are attached.

– While the stretch ceiling is being applied, the ceiling material called flexceiling PVC is heated with a device that gives the heat like a fan in the form of a cylinder and tension is provided.

-It is ensured that the stretch ceiling is fixed on the entire surface on the laths placed in the first item.

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-The process ends by connecting the necessary cables for lighting.

As described above barisol ceiling models If you prefer, there is no possibility of contamination of the area to be built. Your household goods can be processed without the hassle of touching your hand and carrying them. This process, which is fast and practical, does not cause any problems.

Barisol ceiling prices

Barisol stretch ceiling prices differ in terms of suitability for every budget. These products are also available in ready-made plastic and are sold online. The price range varies between 200 TL and 1000 TL. For example; You can make your child’s room a stretch ceiling by using his favorite cartoon characters and make your children happy. If dark colors are dominant in your living room, you can cover a part of the ceiling or wall with a stretch ceiling material in light plain colors (such as white, coffee with milk) and make it look more spacious. If you want to make a barisol stretch ceiling, you will not regret having this model, which most people are satisfied with and recommend to everyone around, with its reasonable price and wide options.

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