Brow Contour for Sharp Looks

You may have seen some people speak much more impressively. These people were the ones who used body language in the best way. The eyes are always in the lead, of course. Sometimes a single glance carries the meaning of hundreds of words. While looks are so important, wouldn’t you like to put a deeper meaning under your gaze? Eyebrows completely change the perception of the outside with sharp looks. It highlights the beauty of the eyes and refreshes your expression from head to toe. If you have thinned, out-of-form eyebrows, these deficiencies can cast a shadow on your beauty.

With the eyebrow contouring process, you can have eyebrows that are more compatible with your face. When the eyebrow contour is done by professional hands, it plays a decisive role in making your facial features such as nose, eyes and lips look more proportional. It is often said that the shape of the eyebrows is a very important issue. However, an issue that should not be forgotten and at least as important as the eyebrow shape is the choice of color.

sharp eyes with eyebrow contours


The expressiveness of sharp eyes does not go out of fashion…

The way to impressive looks goes through the right eyebrow shape and color. If you have sparse eyebrows from birth, shed due to various reasons or resentful as a result of procedures, filling your eyebrows with cosmetic products will be a temporary solution for you. At this point, the right solution for you is eyebrow contouring.

There are 4 important steps that the person who will have eyebrow contouring should pay attention to. These;

A good center, a professional team and perfect results

If you have decided to have an eyebrow contour, you should definitely do a good research and get support from a professional, hygienic center that uses the right equipment and has an expert team. Because your face is your most precious treasure. For this reason, you should act gracefully for every transaction you make.

blue-eyed woman with sharp eyes

The correct eyebrow shape goes through the mathematical ratio

The next step is to determine the correct eyebrow form. Take out the paper and pencils for a sharp look, a mathematical process begins!

Eyebrows are located in the middle of the face and are one of the most important factors in creating the golden ratio. In order to ensure that the eyebrows are in harmony with all points on the face, the eyebrows are measured with parametric values ​​and the most suitable eyebrow form for the face is determined in this way. While determining the eyebrow form, the expectations of the people are also taken into consideration.

Forget the exaggerated results!

One of the biggest negativities in the eyebrow contouring process is to have a very exaggerated appearance with very dark eyebrows. The reason for this negativity is due to the inability to choose the right eyebrow color. There are elements that need to be considered in order to achieve natural results in the eyebrow contour. These;

  • skin undertone,
  • skin color,
  • Hair colour,
  • Eye color.

A person who is an expert in his field takes all these factors into consideration when making eyebrow contours. Otherwise, artificial results will be inevitable.

Provide natural integrity with the right color

Choosing a color in the eyebrow contour may not be easy. But choosing the closest shade to your natural eyebrows will make your job much easier. For example; If you are a brunette, you should make sure that the color of your eyebrows is in harmony with your hair. The opposite situation will make your face look more pale and lifeless. If you have a light skin tone, you should approach naturalness as much as possible. Because color mismatch in light skin can cause both artificial and unaesthetic appearances.

Ergül Keskin performs your transactions in a sterile environment with its highly professional team and equipment. It offers perfect and fascinating results with confidence…

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