Bunk Bed Models and Prices for Narrow Rooms

The shrinking circles also revealed different accounts. Bunk bed models and prices for narrow rooms became one of the most frequently asked questions. People with at least two children in nuclear family types began to calculate how to fit two beds in tiny rooms. Bunk bed models suitable not only for children but also for adults began to be produced. Especially the varieties that include cabinets and drawers are very popular.

Wooden bunk or metal bunk bed should be preferred?

In terms of durability, metal bunk beds offer the advantage of years of use compared to wooden ones. On the other hand, wood is irreplaceable in terms of naturalness and health. Today, consumers rightly prefer models that are suitable for the room they will place, first for the price. Metal products, which have wrought iron features and can create decorative products by giving the desired form to the hot iron, stand out a little more. Montessori bunk bed models are the most suitable for human health and nature. These models, which are made of 100% wood, can be used easily in children’s rooms as they do not contain carcinogenic substances. Moreover, due to its ease of use and being a hygienic product, making it ready for sleep in a short time means savings from assembly. Another criterion should be taken into account the physical characteristics of the person who will spend time on the bunk bed. People who are above normal in mass may face the danger of deformation in a short time if they prefer wooden models.

What age group are bunk beds suitable for?

Bunk beds can be installed for anyone from the age of 3 onwards. The point to be considered here is that the person who will sleep on the upper floor in two-storey models does not have a deep sleep or sleepwalking problem. It is important that the person who will sleep in the upper part is sensitive and careful in order not to face the danger of falling and being injured.

How many kilos can the bunk beds carry?

Models produced with today’s technology can easily carry everyone from children to adults. Because the products produced in accordance with TSE standards are capable of carrying children, young people and adults easily. Bunk bed models and prices for narrow rooms Peace of mind to those who research. Anyone weighing up to 130 kilograms can sleep in any metal or wooden bunk bed. Even bunk bed models with puppies are designed to serve people of all ages and weights.

What is a baby bunk bed?

The bunk bed with cubs, which is among the most preferred models, is the type of bunk bed that can offer a side or top (third) single bed in addition to the double models. Most of the products produced in recent years are produced in order to meet the needs or to be an alternative to the friends who will come with the children as guests. These models are also called triple bunk beds. It is a fact that these models, which are generally produced in walnut, are ideal for narrow rooms. With drawers, ladders, bookshelves, even side tables are produced.

What are the prices of the bunk beds?

In general terms, it is impossible to give an exact number as the prices of the products are constantly changing. However, we can give you the bunk bed model and prices by making a comparison like this:
A triple Montessori bed bunk is about one and a half minimum wage. The price of the natural bunk bed model with cubs made of walnut wood is exactly equal to 2 minimum wages. On the other hand, a two-person bunk bed made of metal is sold for 1/3 of the minimum wage. We can say that the prices of two-storey bunk bed models produced as MDF are close to a minimum wage.

What are the bunk bed sizes?

Bunk bed models produced for narrow rooms are generally produced in the size of 90 x 190 centimeters. There are also those produced and sold as 100 x 200. It is produced in bunk beds according to the size of the room by special order. For example; There are varieties that are designed as a downstairs study suitable for girls, an upstairs bed, and can also be climbed and descended with a slide.
As a result, it is possible to sleep comfortably with Montessori bunk bed models, which are offered to the market for children in developmental age or for puppies that have just come out of infancy, from sheltered bunk bed models to relieve the child’s psychology. Bunk bed models and prices for narrow rooms offers options according to comfort, quality, size and the type of product it is produced. Price ranges will be created according to your needs.


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