Can Storm – I’m Like To Die Ft Kozba

Lyrics ;
I’ve been tossing
I’m like a butterfly
My life is short, it’s like I’m going to die, I’m like I’m going to die…
This is the fifth session.
Doesn’t make my mind up
If I know that I love you, but I wouldn’t put it on my tongue,
Call me pride if you want, you know that I don’t bow before them,
Your bourgeois life poisons my life, baby have a good time.

We were late before we died,
Let me correct my mistakes, while my body was drinking, I made my wine, repent, I didn’t live for you, if I die today,
I’m like a butterfly
I’m not afraid to die,
Wish your wishes,
You can’t beg
I’m like a butterfly (Chorus)
Not if you beg, not if you beg,
Wish your wishes…
If you’re listening for nothing, he won’t die, I couldn’t handle it, tell me if it hurts you
The fire does not go out without harm, come back halfway to burn one day,
My anger does not show the filth of my heart, there is no way to die without having that day…

What happens if you miss this train,
I no longer count the losses,
I don’t know what it will bring in the end,
I don’t know what it will bring in the end,
If I get off the rails,
Your chemistry has ruined your substances sometimes I don’t want to go back who do you think is worse than me?

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