Changing cPanel PHP Version – 2023 – (Most Detailed Description)

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In some Web Hosting companies, when you purchase hosting services such as Hosting, Reseller, the account opened may be “PHP 5.6” by default. In the other scenario, if your software is compatible with versions such as “PHP 7.2”, you should change the cPanel PHP Version.

cPanel PHP Version Change - 2023
cPanel PHP Version Change – 2023

How to find out PHP version?

After logging into cPanel (usually port 2083), it is sufficient to open the “PHP Selector” application in the “Search Tools” area or in the current panel. As you can see from the picture, the version we use is 7.4.

cPanel PHP Version Change - PHP Selector
cPanel PHP Version Change – PHP Selector

How to change PHP version?

To change the cPanel PHP Version, simply click on the relevant field as in the image, and then select the version you will use. After this process, it is enough to press the “Set as Current” button.

What PHP version should be?

What PHP Version will be depends entirely on the software you are using. While many themes and plugins currently support PHP 7.4 in WordPress, some older themes and plugins need to run on PHP 7.2 and 7.3. On the other hand, we recommend developing the software rather than using versions like PHP 5.6.

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What is the WordPress PHP version?

The PHP version in WordPress is a hotly debated issue. I’ve been using WordPress version 7.4 for a long time. Although some experts are in favor of using PHP 8.1, many popular WordPress themes and plugins unfortunately do not meet this version.

We still do not recommend 8.1, especially for cPanel preferred servers.

Learning WordPress PHP Version
Learning WordPress PHP Version

Learn Wordpress PHP Version

There are many different tactics to find PHP Version in WordPress. The easiest method is; It is the “Site Health” field in WordPress. in WordPress;

  • Settings,
  • After coming to the Site Health section,
  • If you switch to the information tab, you can easily learn the PHP version as in the image.

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