Common Misconceptions About Braces

There are a lot of misconceptions about braces floating around. People tend to believe that getting braces is painful, expensive and lasts for a very long time. This is not the case – here’s everything you need to know about braces.

Firstly, braces are not as painful as people make them out to be. Typically, it only feels uncomfortable when the orthodontist tightens the braces; the pain is no more than mild soreness and should last no longer than an hour. Over time, you may become accustomed to the sensation of wearing braces, making them easier and less uncomfortable to wear.

Secondly, braces do not break the bank. In fact, orthodontics has become much more affordable in recent years – many orthodontists offer discounts and payment plans to make treatment easier. Braces will usually be covered by medical insurance too. Furthermore, advances in braces technology mean that some types of braces, such as ceramic braces, are much less expensive than they used to be.

Thirdly, braces are no longer a commitment that lasts forever. In fact, the average time for braces is around two years – much less than it used to be. Although the time frame can vary based on a variety of factors, chances are your braces will be off in no time.

Often, the reason why people put off getting braces is because of the fear of what braces actually look like. But these days braces no longer consist of those dreaded metal wires and brackets – there are a range of clear and colored braces available to suit any style. Moreover, braces can help to improve your smile that time made be more confident about.

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In conclusion, it’s important to be aware of the facts surrounding braces. With the right information, it can be much easier to make the right decision. So don’t be discouraged by the common misunderstandings – braces are no longer as painful or expensive as they used to be. And with the right care and attention, you could be wearing your new smile and improved confidence in no time.

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