Contour Makeup with Micropigmentation Method

Contour Makeup Application What is Micropigmentation Method?

If you do not know about Contour Makeup, you may think that it is an application made to show you with intense makeup. Contrary to this perception, the contour make-up applications made at Erg├╝l Keskin Conture Make Up Studios are simply highlighting your eyebrows, eye and lip lines by correcting their form with light touches, if necessary.

We have brought together those who are curious about the contour makeup application micropigmentation for you.

Contour Makeup Application Micropigmentation Definition

Contour make-up application, or more accurately, micropigmentation method, is the process of placing natural colors just below the skin surface with a micro sterile and disposable needle. Contour make-up are natural pigments that are specially produced for the skin, do not contain additives and are non-allergenic in colour.

You can gain a well-groomed and youthful appearance thanks to the micropigmentation application made in the form of eyebrows, eye liner or lip contour, which is natural and compatible with your skin color.

contour On Which Areas Is Makeup Applied?

Different parts of the face can be preferred for the application of contour make-up. The most preferred areas are eyebrows, eyes and lips.

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When it comes to the most preferred permanent make-up application, eyebrow contours usually come to mind. If your eyebrows are thin, if you don’t like their shape, if they’re low, if they’re falling out, if you don’t want to deal with constantly getting eyebrows or shaping your eyebrows, you can choose contour application. Especially if you have sparse eyebrows, permanent eyebrow makeup will be a great solution for you.

Before applying the eyebrow contour, the drawing you want is applied to your eyebrow and the color that suits you is selected. Then the drawing is started by your specialist and the eyebrow contouring session usually lasts for 2 hours.

  • Permanent Eyeliner (Eye) Makeup

Eye make-up is one of the most important types of make-up that women give due to our gaze, which determines our expression. Therefore, permanent eyeliner application or permanent eye makeup is one of the most preferred applications. With permanent eye makeup, your eyes can look bigger and you can create assertive looks.

Permanent eyeliner makeup is done by applying the drawing designed as you choose on the eyelids. In addition, the selected dye is transferred to the skin through needles.

Within a few days after the application, the permanent eyeliner drawing takes its final form. It is normal to have slight redness on your eyelids after the application. All redness will go away in a very short time when you use the cream recommended by your permanent makeup specialist.

  • Permanent Lip Makeup (Top Up)

Permanent lip makeup is generally preferred by women with thinner lips. Thanks to the permanent lip contour, you can easily make your lips look fuller and larger without cosmetic intervention and without the need for any surgical procedure.

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In addition, if you have large lips, you can make them look smaller with the help of contours. If you have pale lips, you can also apply the process of recoloring the lips apart from contours, and thus you can have more vibrant lips.

Permanent lip make-up takes about 2 hours on average. As in other permanent make-up applications, there is no feeling of pain since local anesthesia is used in the permanent lip contour session.

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