Difference Between Anthracite and Smoked

Difference Between Anthracite and Smoked

Most people do not know whether there is a difference between anthracite and smoked colors, which are mostly seen in interior and exterior paints. The number of people who think that both are the same thing is not few. What exactly do both color tones, which we encounter in the clothing industry, mean exactly? Although anthracite and smoky, which are compatible with all colors, are very close to each other, there are small nuance differences between them.

What color is anthracite?

very close to gray anthracite Since it is a little dark, it is close to coal black. Since it is among the most popular colors of today, the walls are now covered with tones of this noble color. It looks more like dark gray, although some people confuse it with black. In order to understand that it does not look like black, when you examine it outdoors under sunlight, how anthracite color can be easily distinguished.

What colors is anthracite compatible with?

Let’s examine together what colors anthracite we plan to use in our home when dressing or decorating in daily life is compatible with. No color adopts to be used alone, it definitely needs a friend who is compatible with it. Because anthracite, which does not make any sense on its own, needs companions to be with it in order to be more pleasing to the eye and to offer an effective appearance. The colors that can walk together are as follows;
White, blue, black, yellow and pistachio green.
Colors such as indigo and navy blue are in perfect harmony with anthracite, and it will show itself as a result of the application. With white, you should leave a spacious, blissful atmosphere to your eyes. To feast on a noble and heavy look, black will support anthracite. Those who want to get a warm look can also add yellow to this color. Vitality can also be achieved when combined with pistachio green.

How is the smoked color

French for ‘smoke’ smoked, It is a dark gray color. When it comes to decoration, smoked is a very beautiful color tone that easily blends with almost all colors. Although there are claims that it is not a lively and heartwarming tone, there is definitely a reason why people prefer smoked. It has an integral advantage in every season, as it is compatible with all trend colors. Although it leaves a cold effect to most people, it adds a sophisticated look to the environments with its nobility. The best part is that it can easily be added to any color that is most preferred in the season as a complementary.

Colors compatible with smoke

There are many colors that are compatible with smoked, which can be interpreted as a transition from gray to black. The furniture in question is: cream, red, white, burgundy, gray can be in perfect harmony. Among the basic principles of decoration, it is essential that other complementary elements keep up with this harmony. That is, the colors of the walls, floors and curtains should also be taken into account. Before you decide on this noble color, it will be useful to examine the catalogs in terms of getting an idea. Because there are shades of light and dark. Another issue is the feature of the place to be used. There will be a difference in appearance in the open and closed areas.
We started to see it very often in fashion magazines. difference between anthracite and smoked We think it’s understood.


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