Exterior Paint Colors

When choosing the paint color of the exterior of our house, 2 basic factors should be considered. The first of these will be the location of your house, and the second will be how the paint will be affected by external negatives such as snow and rain. There are special exterior paints for this, and these are generally preferred more than normal paints.

People who want to change the color of the exterior of their homes have two alternatives. The first of these is exterior cladding, and the second is exterior paint. This is the protector we apply to the exterior of our house. These chemical preservatives are examined in three types as water, silicone and solvent. We can also use highly resistant silicone paints to reduce humidity on the exterior of our house.

The exterior is considered as a kind of make-up of the house. Just as women wear make-up, men grow beards; The most popular wall paint colors are exactly that. At first, we understand that a woman or a man is clean by their appearance. Here, the exterior paint also makes our buildings look clean. Most preferred exterior paint colors given below:

  • If you want the exterior to look modern, you can use gray and white tones together.
  • If you want your exterior to look more lively, you can use red, beige and smoked colors together.
  • White, beige and cream colors are very often preferred on the exterior of houses. However, it is not used much in detached houses.
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People who want the exterior of their house to have a single color can also have an aesthetic appearance by choosing wood paint.

Paints Used on Exterior

We need to give importance to the exterior of the house as much as the interior, because people encounter the exterior appearance before the interior appearance, and they can make certain judgments about it. In order for the exterior to look beautiful, the exterior paint should be chosen from among the colors that do not repel dirt and can be used easily in all seasons, and it should not be forgotten that the interior and exterior paint colors of the house complement each other. There are many exterior colors, but the most preferred ones are light-toned ones. Dark tones are also generally preferred in detached houses.

DYO Paint Color Chart

Exterior Paint Colors

Colors affect people’s moods. Accordingly, dark tones usually give people a negative energy, while light tones open people’s minds and refresh them. For this reason, seventy percent of light tones are used in exterior and interior paints.

When we look at the results of the examinations, the most preferred paint color is white. There are many shades of white, and by using these tones, you can make your exterior look pale and alive at the same time. You can use any shade of white on the exterior of your home, from powder white to off-white tones. White plays a major role in making the exterior of your building look elegant and aesthetic. As the trend paint of 2023, baby blue is not used much on the exterior, but if you want to have the most beautiful building in your neighborhood, we definitely recommend you to choose this color because baby blue creates a soft and spacious image. Using colors such as powder pink on your exterior makes your building look lively.

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Exterior Paints

Your choice of exterior paint color will not be as easy as it seems because the range of paints is quite wide. You can use exterior paint in basic colors such as white, cream, light blues, red lacquer tones, light shades of green, khaki green, orange, yellow, purple, but you can also add richness to the appearance of your exterior by making the basic options tone-on-tone.

Another issue you should take care of when choosing your exterior paint is the quality of the paint you will buy. The higher the quality of the paint, the better the durability of your exterior will look.

DYO Paint Color Chart

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