Get Ready for Summer with Lip Contour Application!

Summer has started to show itself with all its warmth, high energy and enthusiasm. Hot weather affects us so much that we shape and fit our clothes, hair and make-up accordingly. We see more light fabrics and flight suits in clothing choices. Because our body needs to breathe… The same goes for our skin. We leave aside the thick foundations we use in winter. You ask why? In summer, a sunscreen and a lipstick are enough for you!

With the summer months, we are caught in the wind of change. One of the pioneers of change in lipstick, one of the most used make-up materials. The lips, which we are used to seeing in dark tones in winter, turn into lighter colors by losing themselves in the heat of summer.

Let’s examine the most fashionable lipstick colors for the summer of 2021 together!

The most vital color of summer; Orange

Orange lips on a tan skin, don’t you think it’s exactly a summer look? Orange on the lips is very fashionable again! There are many shades of orange lipsticks. You can definitely find the most suitable tone for yourself and bring the warmth of summer to your lips. The biggest disadvantage of orange lipstick is that it reveals imperfections. For this reason, you should definitely get rid of your dead skin with peeling before using it.

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Although it is seasonal, it suits the summer best; Pink

Every woman should have a pink lipstick in her makeup bag. Because she is a savior, she. When you find the appropriate tone with its wide color range, you will notice the vitality on your face. Although every tone is beautiful in its own way, we recommend hot pink for you this year.

I have makeup but no; skin color

Nude lipsticks have become indispensable from the moment they entered our lives. The skin color, which is suitable for both day and night make-up, will complement your summer make-up. We will also have a suggestion for you. When you use nude lipstick, a light shine can make your makeup more magical.

With lip contour, whether at the sea or in the pool… Your lipstick is always with you!

We talked about lip fashion this summer. Well, don’t you want to have a lipstick that doesn’t flow or scatter in the heat of the summer months or is with you in every environment? It’s no secret. With permanent lip contour, you can have vibrant, colorful and well-groomed lips 24/7. Lip contouring process does not only color the lips. It also overcomes your thin or symmetry problem.

Who should have lip contouring?

  • Those who have a busy work schedule,
  • Those who cannot find the opportunity to make-up due to the excess of daily work,
  • Those with symmetry disorders on their lips,
  • Those who experience color loss on their lips over time can easily achieve perfect lips with lip contour.
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There is an important issue about lip contour that should never be ignored. Lips are very sensitive. A wrong intervention can have frightening consequences. That’s why you should put yourself in expert hands. Ergül Keskin Conture Make-up Studio always provides reliable service for you with its professional team and equipment.

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