Highways Recruitment, Application, Conditions February 2023

There are many positions that can be recruited within the recruitment of highway workers. Candidates who want to apply to these can make the necessary applications by making examinations. The institution publishes advertisements in any of them within the framework of its requirements. One of them is the recruitment of highway workers. If you want to work in one of these positions, it will be enough to follow the official announcements. This includes the recruitment of road drivers.

Highways Recruitment Started

These recruitments are in different provinces and candidates can complete the necessary application procedures in a short time when the advertisements are opened. Highways is an institution that continues to grow every year. When this is the case, new personnel are also needed. If you follow job postings and have the necessary qualifications, you can apply. If you successfully complete the Highway recruitment process, you can be accepted and start your new job.

How to Apply for Highways Job Application?

Highway personnel recruitment is among the first choices of many job seekers. Working within the body of highways, which is a state institution, means work under the guarantee of the state. There is an exam you have to take before you can apply for the highway job application. As it is known, when hiring government offices, it is required to participate in the Public Personnel Selection Examination and get at least 70 points. Although purchases are made without KPSS, it is recommended that candidates who want to apply to highways take this exam in order not to take risks.

Even if it is not requested during the application, the fact that you do not already have enough points allows you to apply to various official offices in the future. In order to apply for a job in highways, it is necessary to know how to apply for a job in official government offices. Although there are application forms in the private sector, in order to apply to an official institution, a job advertisement must be given.

This is also the case for job applications after hiring a worker. If the active advertisement has not been published, you must wait for the application. The sources you can follow for job postings can be listed as follows.

  • Official page of the General Directorate of Highways
  • Official newspaper

If you follow each or one of them, you will notice immediately when the advertisements are posted. Then you need to examine the advertisement in detail.

Highways Employee Recruitment Application and Conditions
Highways Employee Recruitment Application and Conditions

What are the Conditions for Recruitment of Personnel for Highways?

Some qualifications are required for the recruitment of personnel of the General Directorate of Highways. Candidates should read the postings thoroughly, as these qualifications vary in each position. Some of these are being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, not having any deprivation of public rights and not having health problems that would prevent them from working. However, individuals who want to apply for Highway personnel recruitment must read the advertisements and see all their qualifications and apply accordingly.

General Directorate of Highways Recruitment of Former Convicts

There is a total of 5 ex-convicts or TMY workers who were injured in the fight against terrorism, to be employed with a permanent employment contract of indefinite duration. The Turkish labor and employment institution will be announced in the Provincial Directorates and will remain in the announcement for 5 days. Candidates who meet the demand conditions will be able to apply from the Provincial Branch Directorate of the Turkish Labor and Workers’ Institution within 5 days from the date of publication of the advertisement.

highway recruitment
highway recruitment

Highways Will Recruit 170 Personnel to the Attention of Job Seekers

The General Directorate of Highways, which served under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, is one of the institutions that opened the most employment areas. General Directorate of Highways officer recruitment can be done at various times each year. Our country’s investments in the field of transportation will continue this year without slowing down. As in many different institutions in our country, the recruitment of Highways workers is carried out within the framework of the labor law numbered 4.587. Among the conditions generally sought for permanent workers;

  • Having the conditions in the Decree Law No. 696
  • The duty is to have no health problems and to have a clean record.
  • Male candidates have no problem with military service
  • Graduation certificate suitable for the task they will be assigned to

In addition to these conditions, there are different conditions depending on the required staff. The most sought-after age criterion was determined as 35.

For this reason, the recruitment of contracted personnel for highways is not very common in a period. The institution prefers to add new personnel to its list by opening various advertisements at various times. Advertisements may come at different times for different regions. That’s why it’s so important to keep track of your ads. You can send us your opinions about the recruitment of highway workers in the comment section.

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