How many degrees is the carpet washed?

Everything you can think of at home can be washed with functional washing machines. Rugs, curtains, quilts, pillows and How often is the carpet washed? should be known. Otherwise, an invitation to big losses can be made while trying to make a profit.

Did you know that carpet is the most difficult to wash among household items? Moreover, there are so many varieties. It is necessary to know how to clean which one. Especially thin carpets, which we have encountered frequently in recent years, can be deformed in a short time if not careful. If you have precious hand-woven carpets, your sensitivity should reach the highest levels. For example, it is important to clean non-slip soles at different temperatures than plush types. Let’s now consider how and at what temperature each of them should be cleaned in the washing machine.

Can the carpet be washed in the washing machine?

Some carpets can be washed in the washing machine. Small sized and non-deformable ones can be washed depending on the washing feature of the washing machine. However, great care should be taken, and it should be cleaned with appropriate detergent by preserving its feathers and paint without damaging its texture. Carpets, which keep our feet warm and at the same time have an aesthetic appearance, get dirty over time. It is always costly to refer to washing companies. In recent years, the idea of ​​solving the problem in the washing machine has become widespread in order to reduce expenses in an environment where everything has been increased as much as possible. Washed at home in a washing machine to reduce costs How often is the carpet washed?We have to know which detergent is used, what should be done before and after.

What is the degree of machine washing of the carpet?

First of all, the degree should be determined according to the characteristics of the carpet to be washed. In other words, knitting with the raw material used in manufacturing is the most important criterion for obtaining the tar washing temperature. Not all are cleaned at the same temperature. If the raw material used in production is sensitive, 30 degrees or 40 degrees can be preferred. Some products can only be cleaned with a temperature of 60-70 degrees. It should be known that not every machine has a carpet washing program. High-end electronic products produced in recent years have this equipment. Therefore, first check the washing programs of the device you are using, and if there is a suitable program, start the washing process.

What should be considered when washing the carpet?

Detergent or shampoo should be selected according to the characteristics of the carpet. Arabic soap or pure soap should be used in order not to damage the paint, feathers and texture. Before starting the washing process, both sides of the carpet should be swept or cleaned of dust and dirt with the help of a stick. In this way, the washing process will be easier and the final result will be obtained.
  1. Never use bleach. You will see more harm than good. The color change of sensitive carpets with bleaches can bother you.
  2. It should be rinsed with plenty of water. In order for the hairs to be damaged and not lose their functionality, it is essential that the detergent wastes are completely disposed of. Therefore, if possible, run it through the rinse cycle twice.
  3. Do not be hasty when drying. It is very important for the next period to use the carpets that can be washed both by hand and in the machine after a long time.
  4. Sensitive items should be stored in an airy place without direct sunlight.
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Which detergent is used when washing carpets?

Detergents produced for carpets should be preferred. Carpet shampoos and detergents sold by detergent companies have taken their places on the shelves, although their cost is a bit high. Unfortunately, detergents used for laundry are not suitable for washing carpets in the machine. The general preference of the society is that Arabic soap is the best choice.
How many degrees is the carpet washed? We tried to explain it, but our advice is to refer it to companies that do this job professionally, not at home.

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