How to Remove Candle Stain on Sofa?

How to Remove Candle Stain on Sofa?

When it happens to you as a result of annoying mishaps How to remove wax stain on sofa?How to overcome this problem practically? A few simple methods get the job done without you having to take it too seriously. We can easily say that there is no such problem that will tire you out, such as ink stains, coffee grounds or tea traces that leave permanent marks.
Candles are indispensable for special occasions to take on a romantic atmosphere. Similarly, they add richness to the ambiance with their scented or unscented decorative patterned types for therapy, rituals and conversation topics, and they also take on the task of relieving fatigue, calming and relaxing.
While performing such different and challenging tasks, they inevitably pollute a place as a result of clumsiness. Most of all, the carpets on the floor or the seats that are sitting on get their share of negative behaviors. Whatever surface coating objects are parquet, carpet, rug, tile, the traces left by furniture groups are quite annoying.

How to clean the wax residues dripping on the sofa?

Wax, which can flow from a solid state to a liquid with a chemical reaction, does not require immediate intervention such as tea, coffee, cola and paint stains with other polluting properties, on the contrary, it requires intervention after a certain period of time. The steps to get rid of the wax stain on the sofa are as follows;

  • The area on which wax is poured should dry thoroughly. The longer you wait, the higher the degree of cleaning will be.
  • By placing a few pieces of ice on the contaminated surface, the result of the procedure is more successful.
  • Using the cooling power of the ice, scrape off the hardened wax with a spatula or brush.
  • Take care that the process is carried out slowly and meticulously so that the seat surface is not deformed.
  • After the scraping process is completed, put a paper towel on the cleaned area of ​​the seat surface and iron it slowly. The purpose of ironing is to ensure that the wax residues are gradually transferred to the paper towel.
  • If you have greaseproof paper instead of paper towels in your house, you can apply the same process for both, the result will not change.
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The process of removing the wax stain on the sofa with detergent

You should make sure that the wax residues in question are completely frozen. Cleaning should not be started before the complete freezing and hardening process takes place. Depending on the type of sofa fabric, there is an alternative to overcoming the task by scraping or wiping with the help of a mild detergent cloth. Depending on the type of fabric, you can apply the oiled paper or napkin method, or you can put the lighter method on the agenda.

Removing the wax stain on the sofa with the lighter method

With the ironing method, wax stains were transferred through napkins or paper towels. In the same situation, you can try to remove the candle stain on the sofa with the lighter method. There is a lighter, which is a heat source that helps transfer, not an iron.
The wax dripping on the sitting group should be allowed to dry completely. Those who do not want to wait too long can shorten the time by placing ice bags on the candle residues.
Candles installed with any object are removed. Remaining particles should be cleaned with a heated spoon. This method is ideal for cleaning surfaces where the iron does not touch or grow. The metal spoon is heated from the bottom with a lighter. Insulation should be provided with a towel or napkin so that your hands do not burn when the spoon is hot. The heated wax residues will be transferred to the paper towel or napkin you will put on you, and the problem will be largely over.
The cleaned area should then be thoroughly cleaned with suitable cleaning materials that do not contain bleach.
Since there is no dirt that can be taken very seriously or removed, it is not worth calling any company and spending unnecessary expenses. Now to you How to remove wax stain on sofa?, we told how to do what methods. If you encounter a similar event as a result of unexpected minor setbacks, you can make your seating groups look like the first day by being patient.

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