MASKİ Personnel Recruitment, Application, Conditions 2023 February

Malatya Water and Sewerage Administration publishes job postings on İŞKUR for the recruitment of personnel in different positions every year in order to employ them in its campuses located in different districts. You can be informed by closely following the MASKİ personnel recruitment announcements. Candidates who will apply to MASKI worker personnel recruitment advertisements are required to apply only in one of the districts specified in the advertisement.

What are the 2022 Job Application Conditions for MASKİ Personnel Recruitment?

In the latest advertisement published on İŞKUR, Malatya Water and Sewerage Administration announced that it will recruit 100 personnel on a permanent basis, provided that they are at least primary school graduates, in order to employ them within its own campuses. Candidates who will apply for the MASKİ personnel recruitment announcement will have to be at least a primary school graduate, and the other application conditions are listed as follows.

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  • Not eligible for or retiring
  • be over 18 years old
  • To be at least a primary school graduate
  • To be residing within the provincial borders of Malatya
  • Being suitable for flexible working conditions
  • Preferably with experience and experience in infrastructure
  • Not to be deprived of public rights

Not to be convicted of crimes against the security of the state, or crimes against the constitutional order and functioning, even if pardoned.

How Much is MASKİ Personnel Salary in 2022?

Staff salaries are at the top of the issues that the candidate applying for Malatya personnel recruitment is most curious about and researches. MASKİ personnel salaries start from 5,500 TL as of 2022, with an average of 6,500 TL and 12,000 TL salary payments. In addition to salaries, there are some additional payments depending on the union contract.

maski personnel recruitment conditions and application
maski personnel recruitment conditions and application

MASKİ Personnel Recruitment 2022 Job Application Form

Candidates who will apply for MASKİ personnel recruitment announcement should apply for a job by sending their picture CV, CV and criminal record record to MASKİ e-mail address only by e-mail between the specified dates. Applications submitted by hand will not be accepted.

When Are Maski Job Postings Posted?

Malatya Water and Sewerage Administration job postings are for those who want to work permanently or on a contract basis within the institution. MASKİ needs personnel power in order to successfully carry out its activities related to the function of water and sewerage in the city. In order to meet the personnel needs of the institution, job postings are published from time to time. MASKI job postings in the form of personnel recruitment, civil servant recruitment, personnel recruitment and worker recruitment are published in different periods of the year. MASKI job postings are also published on the official website of the institution, as well as on many different employment platforms and İŞKUR.

mask staff recruitment
mask staff recruitment

In which positions are MASKI job postings made?

MASKI job posting announcement is published in İŞKUR and similar institutions in some periods of the year. Personnel recruitment announcements are published for workers who will be employed on a permanent or contracted basis within MASKİ for a temporary period. Job postings for the personnel to be employed within the body of Malatya Water and Sewerage Administration are made in various positions. The most requested civil servants and workers in the MASKI job application process within the institution are generally on the following professions;

  • Electrical technician and technician
  • meter reader and cashier
  • Engineer and biologist
  • Environmental engineer and mechanical technician
  • Security guard and office worker
  • Electrician

In order to meet the needs of a large number of personnel in these positions, you should follow MASKI job postings closely. In the job advertisements published by MASKİ at different times of the year, the candidates are recruited among male or female inexperienced or experienced candidates. Among the application conditions for the posting, there are also primary school graduates, high school graduates, associate degree graduates and undergraduate degree graduates. It is important in which positions and positions the personnel to be employed within MASKİ will be employed. It is possible to obtain the right to work within the institution by applying to the advertisements published on different employment platforms by the Malatya Water and Sewerage Administration.

It is sufficient to follow MASKI job postings and use one of the online or face-to-face application methods specified by the institution. Job postings for the state-affiliated institution, Malatya Water Administration and Sewerage Administration are mostly published through İŞKUR. You can complete the job application by paying attention to the application date and methods specified when applying. You can write your comments in the comments section with MASKİ personnel recruitment.

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