Netherlands Recruitment, Conditions and Salaries February 2023

So, how is Dutch worker recruitment, is there a demand? Before going into details, let us give you information from the country of oranges: Although the Netherlands is known as a small country, the level of welfare is very advanced. The Netherlands is a developing country day by day. The population of the Netherlands is around 20 million. Despite the small population, the economic situation is very good.

The area of ​​the country, whose capital is Amsterdam, is almost the same as the province of Konya in our country. The vast majority of Dutch land is located below sea level. In order to prevent this, the sea shores were built with masonry and the inflow and overflow of water was prevented.

How to Apply for a Dutch Worker

Dutch employment application The documents required for the name must be completed and the relevant points must be taken. The steps required to apply for a Dutch work permit are as follows.

  • Completion of required documents for Dutch work permit visa
  • Receipt of application appointment to us for Dutch MVV from VFS Global, the official brokerage house for Dutch visas
  • Going to the relevant intermediary institution with the requested documents on the appointment day
  • Biometric photo and fingerprint are forwarded together with all required documents.
  • It may take a short or long time to get the result of your application.
Dutch recruitment
Dutch recruitment

What are the Documents Required for Recruitment of Dutch Workers?

As in many European countries, while there was a shortage of workers in the Netherlands, the government, which gave information about the announcement, shared the necessary information. The Netherlands work visa application form is requested to be filled in completely and correctly and with a blue ballpoint pen. The Dutch work visa to be obtained must be valid until at least 3 months after the expiry time.

Criminal record and employment contract certified and signed by the employer is required for the definition of the employment contract or contractual job. If the diploma or master’s education is completed in the Netherlands, the diploma and education documents obtained from the completed school are required. In case of work experience, CV and documents that have proven work experience are required.

Netherlands Recruitment of Skilled or Unskilled Turkish Workers

İŞKUR, which continues to sign labor agreements with foreign countries that want to recruit Turkish workers, has started to recruit personnel from many European countries within the scope of the agreements signed with the Netherlands. Persons interested in İŞKUR Netherlands recruitment may consider working in the Netherlands. While many countries do not even require a language requirement from people who want to work abroad, especially qualified personnel in positions with an urgent employment gap can be employed immediately without any conditions. Along with the high salary, they also offer a place to stay.

Dutch Health Worker Shortage

In the Netherlands, there is a serious problem in the recruitment of healthcare professionals, especially in terms of nurses and care personnel. Hospitals and care institutions want to open their doors to care staff with the recruitment of qualified Dutch nurses who learn Dutch. According to a report submitted by the Dutch government, there is a shortage of 49,000 health workers this year. This number is expected to rise to 135 thousand in 10 years. It has become increasingly difficult to find staff in hospitals and aged care facilities.

According to the opinions of the Dutch authorities, one of the most important reasons for the staff shortage is the increase in the elderly population. The number of people aged 80 and over across the country is around 800,000. The thinkers think that this number will reach 2.6 million in 30 years, which means that the need for nurse care personnel in the elderly and nursing homes will increase.

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Dutch recruitment conditions and salaries
Dutch recruitment conditions and salaries

Becoming an Engineer in the Netherlands

The Netherlands focuses mostly on software engineers in terms of engineering recruitment. There are also many opportunities for software engineers to study and pursue a career after graduation. Especially in the country, Delf University of Technology is one of the best equipped universities to provide education in this field. This university is especially popular in the fields of computer, electrical, mechanical and software engineering. Software engineers today aim to plan and analyze the operation of complex software development systems.

As a software engineer in the Netherlands, you can get a salary of up to 10,000 Euros per month, and while there are companies in hardware, it is very important that you do your job at the best level. The Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest engineer salaries. The average annual salary in the Netherlands is 47,434 €.

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