Seat Washing Prices

Among the furniture you look at as your eyes upholstery cleaning prices took his head too. It is important to find companies that provide quality, clean, meticulous and affordable service. Moreover, not only your furniture groups, but also accessories such as chair faces, beds, carpets and roller blinds are cleaned with similar methods. So, how much were the seat washing fees?

Current seat washing fees

Unfortunately, 81 provinces and 7 regions do not carry out this process for the same price. It is quite burdensome to fulfill this function in big cities due to shop rentals and other expenses. This cost is inevitably reflected on the consumer. Therefore, the price of washing upholstery, especially in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, varies even on a district and district basis.
For example, the average sitting group washing fee in Istanbul varies between 300 TL and 500 TL. Similarly, in Ankara, it is possible to encounter prices between 250 TL and 500 TL.
In other cities, the figures are pronounced in proportion to the coverage of the costs.
One of the biggest problems, especially in families with many children, is that the seats are very dirty. These furniture groups, which cannot be cleaned by giving to companies such as carpets, have to be cleaned in place. Don’t look at the cleaning robots that promise to clean all kinds of things perfectly. We have to find the companies that do this job best at home and make us feel comfortable.

How to clean sofa at home

Cleaning is done by professional teams where technological cleaning devices are located automatically with stain removal machines. Thanks to the fully automatic sofa cleaning machines in every city, the surface of every furniture group is made as clean as the first day, thanks to the stain removing feature of special detergents. With the help of their own shampoos and detergents, they find the most suitable method and provide a service that will make the traces comfortable.
Every kind of stained dirty sofa you can think of, sofa beds, chairs, quality shampoos and detergents are made sparkling. Seat washing prices Although it may seem a bit expensive, if you try to do this yourself, you cannot achieve a real cleaning as you want, and different problems may arise because your effort and the shampoo, detergent and water you use will be used unconsciously. In recent years, carpet and upholstery washing companies prefer to use stain-removing herbal detergents and shampoos with the aim of satisfying their customers.

How long does the seat washing process take?

Depending on the size and dimensions of the sofa chair, sofa bed or other furniture groups to be cleaned, the process is completed in approximately 1-2 hours.

How often should the sofa be washed?

If the seat gets dirty under normal conditions without any mishaps, it should be cleaned in a period of 1 to 2 years, depending on the usage situation. Of course, if undesirable situations are encountered, extra washing may be required. It is not correct to repeat this process too much unnecessarily, so that the products do not change color, do not wear out or fade.

Why should seats be washed?

In order not to encounter the danger of ‘mite’, which are called small creatures that we cannot see with the naked eye, deep cleaning of the seats is a must. Our health should be prioritized and we should have our furniture covered with textile products washed every 1-2 years, without taking into account the seat washing fees. All kinds of dust, oil and dirt particles that we are not aware of are hidden inside the seat and endanger human health. In this respect, especially families with babies and children should definitely have their seats washed.
What is seat vomiting?
As a result of neglecting for a long time and ignoring the contamination of furniture groups, it is possible to encounter sofa vomiting. Seat washing pricesFamilies who find the water level to be high think that they are cleaning by doing this with wet cloths with detergent. However, since there is no deep cleaning, the dirt and microbes accumulated in the inner layers begin to come to the surface after a certain period of time, as a result of not fully penetrating the sponges of the sofa. This situation is called seat vomiting.

Can we wash upholstery yourself?

Let us remind you that it is not an easy task at all, that is, the process cannot be fully described as cleaning. In order not to encounter the vomiting event mentioned above sooner or later, we recommend you to have a healthy cleaning done by professional teams without worrying about the seat washing fees. How to Remove a Blood Stain from a Sofa Click to browse our article.
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