Small Home Decoration Tricks

In this article we Small Home Decoration Tricks We will try to provide information about Today, especially newly married couples generally prefer to live in a small house. The reason for this is that small houses are easier to use in families with few people. But many people have problems with decoration in small houses. There are problems such as the placement of goods, the house looking too narrow or the inability to fit too many things. There are many solutions for these.

How to Choose Color in the Rooms of Small Houses

In the house, the darker the color of the walls, the smaller the house. An even narrower field emerges. Therefore, wall colors should be as light as possible in small houses. In this way, the rooms have both a spacious and wider view.

modern tiny housesmodern tiny houses

Living Room Decoration in Small Houses

The living room is usually the room where the television is located. A television unit is generally used for television. But in narrow houses, this can be a problem. Therefore, it is useful to keep the TV unit smaller as a model. In addition, since television units generally have drawer models, certain household items can be placed inside. In this way, clutter is eliminated.

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While decorating the living room in small houses, corner groups are generally preferred as sofa sets. These models make the room look sporty and wider. Since there is only one seat, the other area of ​​the room remains empty. A wing chair or pouffe, which is not too big, can be placed in the empty part. Thus, a living room that is not narrow and quite cool is obtained.

Using Mirrors in Small Houses

Mirrors are generally used in bedrooms or in the hallway of the house. Mirrors add a nice depth to the space. It is a detail that helps the house appear larger. If you want a hallway that looks wider, you can choose a nice mirror that has a nice shape. In addition, the place where the mirror is used looks more stylish than it always is.

What to Do to Maintain Order in Small Houses

First of all, when choosing furniture, models that are closer to the ground and not too high are preferred. In addition, after the furniture is placed in the room, it would be more correct to lean it completely against the wall. The area is used. In addition, the furniture should be as simple as possible. Furniture in patterned fabric makes the house appear narrower. If you want to have a pattern on the furniture, you can choose the sofas and plain pillows with patterns. This would be a choice that does not narrow the room.

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After the selection of furniture, the choice of curtains is also very important. If you like patterned curtains, vertical stripes will make the room look wider. In addition, if the curtain is the same as the wall color, the house will not look narrow. A more spacious image emerges. Using exactly the same tones may be boring for you. Therefore, it can be a good choice to use the wall and curtain in tones close to each other instead of using exactly the same color.

Useful furniture for small houses
Useful furniture for small houses

Simple Use of the House

The more items there are in the house, the more crowded and narrow the house appears. So it makes sense to use fewer items. Also, when choosing any item, it is necessary to choose functional items. Like furniture with drawers and openable seats. In this way, space is saved. You can also give away your unused items to other people in need.

If you want to create a library space, there are many solutions. If there is under the stairs, you can make this part a bookcase. Apart from that, you can buy a book shelf to be mounted on the wall and put your books there. In this way, a beautiful decoration and the books would not take up space. Small Home Decoration Tricks You can write to us what you are wondering about in the comments section.

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