Smooth Skin with Bloomea Emerald Care

What is Bloomea Emerald Care and How Is It Applied?

Bloomea Emerald Care (Emerald Shine), while helping to equalize skin tone and reduce its problems, it also makes the skin smooth.

Many factors such as age, weather conditions, stress, eating habits, genetics affect our skin health. Bloomea, also known as Emerald Shine, is one of the most effective care techniques that has helped us protect our skin health in recent times.

If you are wondering about Bloomea Emerald Care and its effects, and if you want to try the care process, you can benefit from the techniques of Ergül Keskin Conture Make up Studio, which always uses the latest technologies for your beauty. Here are the most curious things about Bloomea, which cares for your skin with Emerald…

What is Bloomea Emerald Care?

Bloomea Emerald Care is a skin rejuvenation process performed with simple and easy-to-understand processes and disposable hygienic and ergonomic heads.

Emerald Care, designed by French aesthetic surgeons, was first used for the treatment of scars formed after aesthetic operations. Afterwards, as a result of research and development, it started to be used as the first painless and effective Macro-exfoliation device.

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Bloomea Emerald Shimmer Application Steps

While performing Emerald Care, different tips are used in each session. As a matter of fact, new emerald tips are attached to the device in front of you in each session and are disposable.

When the device starts to work, it starts to emit high frequency and the granular exfoliation surface of the disposable emerald tips eliminates the problems on the skin surface.

Healing skin problems is possible with more than one session. Therefore, the irregularities on the skin are eliminated layer by layer.

The macro-exfoliation process is completely painless and only friction from the instrument is felt during the procedure.

The first sessions of Emerald Care are lighter compared to the following sessions. The first sessions prepare the skin for the next stage and the main purpose of the preparation process is to achieve maximum results. The preparation process is called The Bloomea Optimal Macro-exfoliation.

In the second stage, the exfoliation surface of the emerald tips is scraped and the underlying silicone layer is exposed. In the microvibration stage, Bloomea cream is applied to the skin, which contains useful substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As you know, these substances are the cornerstones of the flexible structure of the skin.

After the skin is supplied with the substances it needs, vibration therapy with increased frequency begins. Unlike the macro-exfoliation process, microvibration is more intense and the skin is deeply stimulated by this process. The main purpose of giving high frequency to the skin is to support the increase of collagen and elastin production in the skin.

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During the session, a red LED light with a wavelength of 633 nm is emitted from the head. Red LED light increases the skin renewal rates of Macro-exfoliation and Microvibration processes. Thus, the controlled damage to the skin is eliminated and the skin is improved.

How Many Sessions Is Bloomea Emerald Shimmer Applied?

Bloomea Emerald Radiance session times are determined depending on factors such as the person’s discomfort and the extent of the discomfort. Therefore, session duration and variability vary from person to person.

But generally speaking, emerald sparkle therapy can help you achieve permanent and visible results in 4 to 5 sessions.

Therefore, the overall number of sessions is characterized by 4 or 5, and a single session of Bloomea Emerald Sparkle lasts an average of 30 minutes.

Does Bloomea Emerald Shine Hurt?

One of the most curious points about emerald care is whether the process is painful or not. No pain is felt during the procedure and only friction is felt during the procedure.

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