Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas

Teachers are our lights that teach us life after the family, equip us with a lot of knowledge and experience, and whose efforts we cannot ignore. As the 24th November Teachers’ Day approaches, the easiest way to make them happy, to make them feel special and to express our love for them is small surprises. If you are thinking about what to buy for Teacher’s Day and want to get away from stereotypical gifts every year, you can read this article and find different gift options suitable for your taste and budget at Esra Style. You can benefit from many different products with discounted prices. We make your job easier by dividing the souvenir suggestions into two, and we offer you two separate lists as teacher’s day gift ideas for our female and male teachers.

Gift Suggestions for Female Teachers

Personal care products

We all want to take care of ourselves to feel better during the day. With a beautiful skin care product, we can feel more alive and want to be pampered with a pleasant perfume scent. Even a nice make-up in the morning can make the day go better. You can also consider different gift options consisting of personal care products for our teachers who deserve the best of everything.

Women’s Accessory Types

Key chain

With handmade, different key chain models, you can give your teacher a fun gift that he will always carry with him. You can check the link where there are washable keychain samples made with design and organic products, and you can make your teacher smile with a different gift option.


With a scarf that complements the combinations with different models and eye-catching colors, you can add elegance to your teacher’s style and steal her heart with a tasteful and elegant gift.

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Gift of jewelry

Jewelry, one of the indispensable accessories of every woman, can be a nice gift option for your teacher with different models and varieties. Especially these days when we are fighting against the coronavirus, a wristband with a disinfectant reservoir is among the options that may interest you.


One of the classics, the bag is also one of the gifts that women like the most, prefer and seek variety. An elegant bag that your teacher can use both in daily and business life will also be a nice gift option for those who do not want to take risks.

Women’s Clothing

No matter how many clothes a woman has in her closet, she still wants to make room for different models. We share the gift options that your teacher can choose on a stylish or sporty daily basis or at any invitation.

Gift Suggestions for Male Teachers

While there are always more gift options for women, we find it difficult to choose gifts for men. With gift suggestions for male teachers, you can make your decision immediately and find many carefully selected gift options.

Special Gifts for Teacher’s Day

Apart from options such as personal care, women’s clothing and perfume, you can also evaluate gift options for teachers’ day only. It’s a mug; It can be a special plaque for teachers’ day or a special notebook, agenda, clock that your teacher may need. Whatever your preference, be ready to see that warm smile on your teacher’s face. You can explore the options and surprise your teacher with a humorous or emotional gift, depending on your taste and your teacher’s taste.

DIY Gift Ideas

In order to make our teachers happy and show our love on this special day, we can also make gifts by using our own skills and imagination. For example, a letter you will write for them may be a greater source of happiness than a very expensive gift. Or a picture that you will draw for him with your own imagination, or if you are an adult, a painting that you will make for him can be a very nice and meaningful gift. If you have a little hand skills and a keen interest in knitting, a scarf or beanie that you will knit with your own hands can warm both your teacher’s heart and himself on these cold days. You can also prepare a gift using materials from your home. For example, by decorating the jar, you can make a lantern or candle holder and make your teacher happy with a handmade, heartfelt gift. If you have photos, you can make your teacher feel emotional by preparing an album as a class, and make her feel special every day, not today, with your thoughtfulness.

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Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas for Kindergarten and Primary School Students

Kindergarten and primary school students are younger, have just met their teachers, and opened their eyes to their first teacher after the family. A more emotional and deep bond is formed between them. A gift made with craft papers that a kindergarten student can prepare with his family can be made. It will be a very valuable and spiritually empowering gift for your teacher. Or a postcard can be prepared. Students who can read and write can write poetry, write a letter in which they express their feelings and love and decorate their envelopes. She can have a beautiful bouquet of flowers made and taken away. If your teacher is a woman, you can choose beautiful jewelry and even make your teacher happy with a customizable jewelry.

Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas for Middle and High School Students

Since middle and high school students do not have one teacher, teachers may need to buy gifts for each of them separately. You can choose gifts according to your teacher’s interests. A literature teacher can find and buy a second-hand book that he may like. It will make you happy because the book has a history story. Or a study lamp or lampshade can be bought where he can read that book. A thick notebook or agenda can be preferred for the mathematics teacher, where he can write the formulas or questions. For the philosophy teacher, you can prepare and present a book consisting of biographies of famous thinkers, and a playlist prepared according to the type of music he listens to your music teacher. For a sports teacher, a sports outfit, a jersey, baseball bat, and even a match ticket can be preferred. When you talk about your creativity and think a little, you can get the gift you want by reducing the options.

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Gift Suggestions for University Students to Get Their Teachers

You can also buy more classic gifts for your teachers at university. A beautiful set of pencils and agendas, a wall clock that he can hang in his room can be gifted. According to your teacher’s taste, a trinket or box that can be put on his desk and kept in front of his eyes all the time can also be preferred. You can surprise your teacher with different decoration products. Even a comfortable pillow can be preferred on the chair in the room to lean on. In these cold winter days, it will be a good option in a thermos where you can take your hot tea and coffee with you and attend class. In addition, glass mugs with humorous and various inscriptions can also be a permanent gift option that will make you smile.

Make Your Teachers Happy With Teachers’ Day Gifts

We have shared with you many beautiful, different, interesting, elegant, classic and fun gift options that our teachers, who appeal to different styles, can use in their professional or private lives. If you want to make your teachers happy, make them feel your love on this special day. You can choose the gift that suits your dreams for our dear teachers without thinking about what to buy this 24 November, and you can crown the teachers’ day with the best gift for your budget by taking advantage of the discounts. As Esra Style, the address of fashion where you can find many kinds of products in different categories, we celebrate the 24th November Teachers’ Day of all our teachers and offer our endless thanks for the new generations they have raised with this respectable profession.

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