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The meetings for stray cats, which were started by Kedici Magazine 4 years ago to make a nest for the cold stray cats, have turned into one of the traditional festivals of Kadıköy. This Sunday (December 18th), we meet again at Moda Park and build cat houses for stray cats. In the Stray Cat Festival organized with the support of Kadıköy Municipality, 300 cat houses will be built and food will be distributed for stray cats. Participants in the event will take the cat houses to their neighborhoods and place them where necessary. In the Cat Picture Drawing Workshop held within the scope of the event, the cat pictures drawn by the children will also decorate the top of the cat houses and the pages of the Kitty Magazine.

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Detailed information about the event:

“We are holding the Istanbul leg of the now traditional “Street Cat Festival” of the Cat Magazine, which is held for the fourth time this year, with the support of Kadıköy Municipality, on Sunday, December 18, 2016 at 14:00 in Moda Park, Kadıköy.
It is aimed to build a large number of cat houses in the cat house construction workshop to be created at the Stray Cat Festival, which will be held with the participation of all animal lovers, and then place these houses in suitable places in their neighborhoods. Cat food, which will be distributed to the participants, will be delivered to the street cats together with the cat houses in the event, which is organized to provide shelters for the cats struggling to survive on the street during the winter months, to protect them from cold and rain. In addition, in the Cat Picture Drawing Workshop to be prepared for the children participating in the festival, the cat pictures drawn by the children will decorate the top of the cat houses to be built and the pages of our magazine.
We look forward to your support and participation in our event, where the cat makers will both support the street cats and spend a pleasant Sunday together.”

Sunday, December 18
Moda Park, Kadıköy.

Facebook page of the event

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