Uni Assist Application, February 2023

Uni-Assist application It is very important for those who want to study in Germany. In fact, Uni-Assist is now a must in foreign university education. If you are not familiar with this process, you can review our guide.

What is Uni-Assist?

If you want to benefit from university opportunities in Germany, you can apply to the Uni-Assist program. Alright, What is Uni-Assist? There are many people who want to study at university in Germany but do not know which path to follow. If you are among these people, you will be informed.

Uni-Assist is a training assistance institution based in Germany. It is an institution that makes preliminary evaluation for the documents sent for education. Most of the universities in foreign countries work with Uni-Assist. You can have your applications evaluated through Uni-Assist. If you have a document, that is, if it is ready, you can send it to Uni-Assist for examination. Every person applying for a master’s degree in Europe passes through these applications.

What are the Uni-Assist Application Stages?

Uni-Assist application Before doing it, it is useful to pay attention to certain issues. Because young people who dream of studying abroad are very enthusiastic. When the results are negative, he can be discouraged. In order to avoid these situations, you need to know very well what you should pay attention to.

  1. Is There a Uni-Assist Evaluation?

Research very well whether the institution you are applying to requires pre-application evaluation through Uni-Asisst. Some institutions may not require pre-evaluation. Authorities in some universities may make different requests during this process. In other words, the documents you will send to Uni-Assist may differ. You must send the documents requested by universities to Uni-Assiste. You must apply to the university with the results. Take care to submit the required documents before the deadline. Assist application is very important in the process.

If you have applied to a Uni-Assist school in Germany or a different country, you will be asked to submit all your documents for the application. Uni-Assist application Submit all your documents if requested to be forwarded at the stage. The institution will forward the result document to the university on your behalf.

  1. Don’t Miss the Application Date

Assist application The most overlooked issue by the applicants at the stage of the application is time. Assist institution conducts an examination between 4 and 6 weeks after the application. This period is quite long. The sooner you apply for this, the better. Be sure to pay attention to your application date.

  1. What are Uni-Assist Required Documents?

universities Uni-Assist application It publishes the documents they have determined on their websites for the candidates who will do so. These documents differ in all universities. For this reason, it would be beneficial not to follow the application process on the website of the relevant university. As in every application, universities have documents they want in common. These documents are required by all universities.

  • Diploma copy,
  • diploma transcript,
  • Diploma supplement,
  • Photocopy or original of high school diploma,

While sending these documents, there is an issue that should be considered for women. If she is married, mistakes may occur due to the change in surname. To avoid these situations assist application Include a copy of the international marriage registration at the stage.

  1. How to Prepare Uni-Assist Application Documents?

When preparing your application document, make sure to choose German or English language. In this process, it is useful to find a sworn translator. If you have prepared a Turkish document, you can have your document prepared in English with the support of a sworn translator. This question is among the most frequently asked questions by candidates during the application process. Sometimes candidates apply to more than one program rather than just one. Assist application enters the process. In this case, it goes to copy a single document. In this process, notarized copies are required. With the phrase “Certified copy”, you can get your document from the notary public and thus keep the original of the document.

If you do not want to suffer too much financial damage, you can request documents in English from the relevant departments of the universities. Recently, with the requests from students, universities have started to issue documents in English. If you are on your lucky day, you can get English documents without paying.

How to Apply for Uni-Assist?

Uni-Assist application We got information about. So, how to apply for Uni-Assist? If you don’t know about this, let’s examine it together.

  • To become a member of the My Assist site,
  • Uploading the documents requested by the university to the site,
  • Finding the program you want to apply for on the site and creating an application request with the necessary documents,
  • Posting documents to Uni-Assist,
  • Uni-Assist application pay the fee,
  • To convey the result of the preliminary evaluation to the university,

The application processes proceed sequentially in this way. You can apply by following the steps.

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