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indoor plants They are the only elements that beautify and color the living rooms of our house. These decoration materials, which give a more pleasant and spacious appearance, are the most important tools that will add beauty to the beauty of your living room. When using these herbs hall flower In addition to the selection of plants, how these plants should be placed is also extremely important.


crops When placing Attention be made What’s needed

Heat: One of the most important things to consider when placing indoor plants is definitely heat. Especially during growth periods, plants should have a constant temperature value. For this, it is necessary to avoid points that can get cold or be directly exposed to extreme heat. It is extremely important that they are located at the points where they will be located, especially at room temperature.

Light: Although sunlight is extremely important to plants, most potted plants do not like to be exposed to direct sunlight and are adversely affected by it. For this reason, it is extremely inconvenient to place potted plants in a way that will be exposed to direct sunlight. Particular attention should be paid to this, especially in the summer months, and the northern facades should be preferred. The aim here is not to keep the plant away from the sun, but to prevent it from being exposed to harmful rays.

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Moisture: Another important point in placing the indoor flower is, of course, humidity. Since the thin-leaved plants in our house like high humidity, they mostly like wet environments such as bathrooms and toilets. For this reason, it is extremely important for them to be placed here for a long time. Plants with thicker leaves, on the other hand, prefer environments that are not too humid, such as living rooms, because they like drier environments. Therefore, indoor flowers should be plants with thicker leaves. For more decoration suggestions, you can take a look at our Decor Portal Living Room Decoration articles.

Making for Indoor Plants Required Daily Treatments

indoor plants maintenance is of the utmost importance. While performing this maintenance, some equipment is needed. Maintenance with this equipment hall flower It is extremely important for its longevity.

Materials Required for Maintenance

pot plate

Liquid or granular fertilizer


moisturizing spray


watering can

Indoor Flowers Watering

One hall flower One of the most important points for maintenance is definitely the need for water. In order to understand this water need, it will be enough to dip your finger into the soil where the plant is located. If the soil has a dry appearance, it should be adequately watered. It is extremely important to water the plant homogeneously. When watering, care should be taken to avoid dry areas as much as possible.

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indoor plants Another important issue is nutrition. There is enough nutrients in a newly placed plant soil for about 2 months. If we have a leafy plant, we need to feed these plants especially in summer and spring. If there is a flowering plant in our house, we need to feed this plant before and during the flowering seasons. The point to be considered while feeding the plants is definitely the ratio. There are many different liquid substances for the feeding process. How much they are given is very important. Too much will definitely harm the plant.

Problems That May Occur in Plants

Insufficient Water

located in your home indoor plants If it is not growing at the level you want and is shedding its leaves, what is required is definitely water. What you need to do is to meet the water need for the indoor flower. This will bring it back to life.

Insufficient Light

If the plant in your house looks pale and weak, it is definitely because it receives insufficient light. Insufficient light will also prevent your plant from blooming. Node distances between leaves will be large and growth will be inhibited. These symptoms show you that your plant is receiving insufficient light. To solve this problem, it is extremely important to place your plant in a spot where it can receive more light.

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