What Color Should a Feng Shui Bedroom Be?

Philosopher Laura Cerrano explained what color the Feng Shui bedroom should be, and it was widely echoed. Indeed, how should this area, which people give importance to rest, rejuvenate and start life again, be like?

What is Feng Shui?

On the basis of this philosophy; It is the dissipation of the energy emitted by wind and water into the house. In other words, the secrets of living in harmony with nature are implied. The desired goal in all these is to obtain the energy necessary for a person to live happily and in peace.

What Colors Should Be Used in the Bedroom According to Frank Shui?

Philosophy is based on the theory of 5 basic elements. First of all, it should be known which element the person is closer to. These elements are; fire, earth, metal, water and wood. According to this belief, how should those who want to design the bedroom act?
After the element representing the person is determined, the decoration principle should be implemented according to the colors that represent that element. So, let’s explain what the Feng Shui elements and the colors they represent. According to this result, you can apply the colors that represent yourself.
Feng Shui bedroom love corner

Feng Shui bedroom love corner

Feng Shui Elements and Colors

Fire element creates a combination of warm colors. These are color tones that go from red to yellow. Orange, yellow, red, and red-orange are the colors this element represents. Those with a fearless and romantic mood paint their room with elements of the fire element.
earth element As a reflection of its name, it consists of a combination of cream, beige and earth tones. The element symbolizes that the person has meticulous, reliable features. Feng Shui bedroom colors Those who prefer these tones will make a relaxing option.
metal element white, gray, metallic gold, silver and bronze. According to his philosophy, the necessary features in the person to determine the bedroom color are as follows. They should be people who have high organizational skills, give importance to excellence and give confidence.
water element It reflects the harmony of colors that form the junction point of black and blue. Using the tones starting from blue and going to blue green and black in the bedroom is one of the characteristics of the characters who are prone to this element. The journey to wisdom of people with strong spirituality, depending on their spouse, starts from here.
wood element It assumes that people with professional decoration skills and a determined and flexible structure are included in this group. Therefore, Feng Shui bedroom colors should be in shades of brown, green and green-blue according to the wood element.
Although the accepted understanding is in this way, it should not be forgotten that the chosen place, integrity with other items, furniture and other elements are decisive when decorating the bedroom.
After all, it should not be ignored that this is a belief; your eyes will point to you with colors that are calming, harmonious with nature, relaxing and at the same time reducing stress.
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