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‘We come across with smartphones from time to time’call ended‘ error means that a call ended unexpectedly. This can occur for a variety of reasons. In this blog post, What does call ended mean?? We will discuss the answer to the question, how it can be solved, especially on Xiaomi brand phones, and the issue of ‘call terminated’ blocking.

The “Call ended” notification indicates that a call has stopped suddenly. We may encounter such a situation due to a disconnection, loss of signal or technical error during a call.

Call Ended Why?

There are various reasons why the call may be terminated. Among them:

  • Signal Issues: A weak or intermittent network signal in the user’s area may cause the call to end abruptly.
  • Phone Software Issues: There may be a bug in your phone’s operating system or your search app. Software bugs often prevent the phone from working properly.
  • Service Provider Issues: A problem with your service provider’s network can also cause the call to end.
  • Phone Hardware Issues: A problem with the hardware of the device may also cause the calls to be terminated.

Xiaomi Call Ended Error Solutions

Here are some ways to fix this error on Xiaomi phones:

  • Restarting the Phone: As a first step, try restarting your phone. This may fix temporary software related issues.
  • Resetting Network Settings: Try resetting the phone’s network settings. This can fix any signal or network related problem.
  • Software update: Check Xiaomi’s latest software update and update your phone. This can fix software bugs.
  • Checking the SIM Card: Check your SIM card and try to determine if there are any problems with the card. The source of the problem may be the card itself.
  • Service center: If you are unable to fix the problem with the above methods, you may need to bring your device to a Xiaomi service center. Hardware problems can usually only be fixed by a professional technician.

Call Ended Blocking

Call ended barring, usually means that a person is refusing to accept calls from you. This is an action by the user of the phone and is used to block calls from a specific number.

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In this case, if you think your call has been blocked, you can try contacting the person you are calling through an alternative communication method. If you still cannot access, there is probably a blocking condition.

Call ended error It occurs due to many different reasons and the solution depends on the source of the problem. You can try to solve the problem by trying the solution methods mentioned above. Remember, when you encounter a technical error, it is always safest to seek professional help.

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