What does SSI mean?

SGK is the abbreviation of “Social Security Institution” which is responsible for the social security system in Turkey. With a law enacted in 2006, social security institutions such as SSK, Bağ-Kur and Retirement Fund were combined to form the SGK.

What is SSI: Establishment and Mission

SGK is a government agency established to regulate and manage the social security system in Turkey. It was established with the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 enacted in 2007. The main mission of this institution is to provide a fair, universal and sustainable social security system to all Turkish citizens and foreigners living in Turkey.

Function of SSI: Social Security Rights of Individuals

The Social Security Institution provides financial support to individuals throughout their working life and beyond. Conditions such as retirement, illness, work accident, occupational disease, death, maternity and general health insurance are among the services provided by SGK.

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Pension and SSI

The Social Security Administration provides pension entitlement. Individuals have the right to retirement after paying premiums to SSI for a certain period of time and amount throughout their working life. This right provides individuals with a regular income after the end of their working life.

General Health Insurance and SSI

SGK provides general health insurance services. This service guarantees access to health services for all Turkish citizens and foreigners living in Turkey. Healthcare services provided by the Social Security Administration include hospitalization, emergency care, pregnancy and maternity services, medications, and other medical treatments.

Importance of SSI: Social Security and Society

The contribution of SSI to the social security system increases the general welfare of individuals and society. The security it provides, financial stability and access to health care makes a significant difference in their lives. Therefore, the Social Security Institution is considered as one of the cornerstones of Turkey’s social structure.

Rights and Obligations Regarding SSI

Individuals have both rights and obligations regarding SSI. For example, each employee has an obligation to regularly pay social security contributions. Premium payments enable individuals to benefit from retirement rights and health services.

SSI and Employers

Employers also have certain obligations regarding SSI. Employers are obliged to pay social security premiums on behalf of their employees. If these obligations are not met, employers may face legal sanctions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SSI

To Whom SGK Services Are Offered?

The services of SGK are offered to everyone living and working in Turkey. This includes Turkish citizens and foreigners living in Turkey.

What Does SGK’s Health Services Cover?

SSI’s health services cover a wide spectrum. These include hospitalization, emergency care, pregnancy and maternity services, medications, and other medical treatments.

The Social Security Institution is one of the cornerstones of the social security system in Turkey. With its many services from pension rights to general health insurance, it provides security in the daily lives and futures of citizens.

SGK Online Services: e-SGK

SSI offers a number of services over the internet by adapting to the digitalizing world today. The e-SGK services, which can be accessed through the e-Government portal, allow citizens to perform their Social Security Institution-related transactions more quickly and easily.

Transactions You Can Do With e-SGK

When accessing SGK services through the e-Government portal, a number of transactions can be performed. Among these processes; There are services such as pension inquiry, general health insurance premium debt inquiry, viewing employment declaration and reporting work accident or occupational disease.

Other Services of SGK

The services offered by SSI are not limited to retirement and health insurance. It also provides the necessary support to employees in cases of work accidents and occupational diseases. In addition, it provides financial support during the periods when employees are unemployed with the unemployment insurance service.

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Work Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance

Occupational accident and occupational disease insurance covers the material and moral damages that occur as a result of the accidents experienced by the employees at the workplace and the diseases they are exposed to due to their profession.

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance provides financial support for a certain period of time in case employees lose their jobs. This service helps employees make a living until they find a new job.

SSI and Online Services

The Social Security Institution provides online services for citizens to access services easily. Many transactions can be made on the official website and mobile applications of SGK. For example, citizens can apply for health services online, check their retirement status and learn about their premium debts.

SGK Online Transactions: Easy and Fast Access

SGK’s online serviceshelps citizens save time and energy. Thanks to online transactions, citizens can do many transactions quickly and easily without leaving their homes or workplaces.

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