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Decoration is an indispensable part of our life. It is possible to reproduce the example of the area we decorate in homes, offices or many different places. We thought about the main areas we will decorate; Now let’s think about the products we will use in the decoration process. It is inevitable to come across mdf in most of the products you think of.

The full name of the product we abbreviated as MDF is “medium density fiberboard”. MDF is the name that emerges from the initials of these words. ”Medium Density Fiberboard” means ”medium density fiberboard”. Well what does mdf mean The simplest and shortest answer to our question; It is a man-made wood material. It is a much higher quality and costly product than chipboard.


We learned what MDF is. In this part of our article how to make mdf We will try to explain the answer to our question.

It is made by compressing MDF wood fibers at a certain temperature and pressure. It almost goes through the steps followed in chipboard making. The most obvious difference between the two products is that chipboard is made from sawdust and MDF is obtained from wood fibers. First, with the help of the process known as chipping, wood fibers, which are the raw material in making mdf, are removed. In this process, wood chips are ground into small pieces. Then, the process of making the obtained fibers ready for the processes to be passed in the next stages begins. At this stage of production, the fibers must lose a certain amount of moisture in order for the bonding and compaction processes to take place successfully. For this reason, wood fibers are dried.

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When the humidity level is brought to the desired level, with the help of resin or some types of glue, the wood pieces are kept together. The surfaces of the pieces of wood brought together are smoothed. Then the mdf is compressed by the heat and the pressure created by the press machine. Surfaces are sanded. This is how MDF production takes place.


Since MDF is a much more convenient product to process and shape than natural timber, it can be used to obtain almost all products made from wood. Moreover, it is a product that you can reach at much less cost than wood. It is especially common in the furniture industry. In some places, MDF is also used in the construction industry.


Mdf is used in almost every furniture production because it is less costly and easier to process than wood products. MDF is the most preferred product to meet the need for raw materials. You can see that MDF is used in almost every furniture you can think of. Tables, cabinets, chairs, bookcases…

Most of the furniture in our house is mdf in some way. In addition, mdf is highly recommended by many furniture manufacturers because it is a durable and long-lasting product. Another mdf application we hear in furniture production is mdf coating. Alright, What is mdf veneer? MDF coating is the process of strengthening the surfaces of products made using chipboard, which is less costly and of low quality, with MDF. It is often seen in furniture production.

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It is very convenient to be shaped in the machine.

It allows production in any desired size. Since their surfaces are smooth and completely homogeneous, the density is the same throughout the product. You can easily apply processes such as varnishing or painting. It is flexible, can be used in rounded corners. It is durable and long lasting. It costs much less than natural wood products. MDF is an extremely heavy material due to its high fiber density. Due to its easily shaped structure, many cutting and piercing tools such as electric saws can easily get rid of your hands during the process and cause serious injuries.

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