What You Need to Know About Baby Room Carpet

baby room rug It is very important because the nursery is the most sensitive area of ​​the house, since babies are very rare creatures, everything that belongs to them should be carefully selected. The furniture and carpets you will use in their rooms should definitely not affect their health, it is better to sleep in the cradle with the parents for the first few months. The room will be needed after a few months, but it would be more logical to design the room before the baby is born, so you will not be stuck while the baby is present. While designing the baby room, it is necessary to pay attention to some details, one of them, the carpet, is one of the most important parts. So what should be considered when buying and using?

Purchasing Phase

After the baby is born, the house should be transformed into a more sterile environment, especially the baby’s own room should be protected from all kinds of dirt. That’s why everything that happens on the ground is extra important. It is useful to pay attention to some points when buying a carpet. baby room rug Pay close attention to the size and pattern when purchasing. Of course, it is not possible to use the carpet you use in the living room in the baby room. It definitely does not fit in the baby room in terms of both size and pattern.

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See If It Holds Dust

While buying, see if the carpet holds dust, if it is a carpet that collects dust, do not buy it, otherwise the dust will remain in a knot on it and it may go into the baby’s throat. See if it sheds, some carpets may become fuzzy on their own and may look dirty even if they are not dusty, you can test the carpet by pulling it with your hand at the time of purchase.

Baby Room Carpet See Material Used

baby room carpet During the selection, look under it, examine what kind of material it is made of, some carpets are slippery. The possibility of falling while running next to your baby is minimized with a non-slip carpet. Even prefer silicone-based ones, such carpets stick to the floor and do not move at all.

Look not only at the bottom but also at the top and the edges, whether the used hairs fly away or get into the baby’s throat, all very important for health and baby room carpet affect their choices.

Review Washing Rules

See if it goes into the machine, the carpet needs to be washed frequently, so take care that it is a washable carpet, prefer machine-washable carpets as hand washing is very difficult in city life. Check if there is a paper on the carpet that says washing instructions, it may also be written on it whether it contains a substance that is harmful to health. Read the instructions thoroughly before purchasing.

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Baby Room Carpet Pattern And Color Selection

baby room carpet One of the most important things to consider when buying is the color and the patterns on it. If you attach great importance to the decoration of the room, you do not want a complex pattern. Generally, blue is preferred for boys and pink for girls, and there are gender-appropriate shapes and toy figures on it.

As a pattern, do not prefer straight or modern lines as in the living room. baby room rug Remember, and choose a pattern that suits it. Too light colors can lead to contamination very quickly. You can take a look at our Decor Portal Baby and Kids Room Decoration articles for tips that will make your job easier while making the right choices for your belongings.

Decoration Phase

baby room rug It is very important for the design of the room. It is possible to decide where to start the decoration and what to put on the carpet. If you are undecided about this, you can choose the carpet as the focal point. Whether there is carpet everywhere or in the space, too much dust can accumulate. You can put a single rug in the middle of the room. If you want it to add a different air, you can put 10 diagonals instead of straight.

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Lay the carpet in an empty place, so that it does not come under the crib or closet. Thus, the places you step on remain closed and prevent the cold. Do not forget to wash it every few weeks, vacuum it every day to prevent dust from getting into the baby’s throat.

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Baby Room Carpet

Baby Room Carpet

Baby Room Carpet

Baby Room Carpet

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