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In our Windows 10 iso download content, we also tried to convey the details of the Windows 10 download process to you. We will explain how you can download the ISO file required for the Windows 10 operating system and format it with USB / DVD. download windows 10 iso Although our link is completely the file on Microsoft’s official site our video lecture are also available.

How to Download Windows 10 iso?

You cannot download the ISO image when you enter Microsoft’s official website from a computer with Windows already installed. Microsoft directly to you Media Creation Tool sends the link. In order to do this, it is important to follow the steps below.

  • First, click the Download ISO link and log in to Microsoft’s official website.
  • If you’re using a Chrome browser, in Mouse Right Click after doing “ReviewClick the ” tab.
  • On the page that opens, tap on the three dots and then “More Tools” followed by “Network ConditionsClick ”.
  • In the new tab that opens,Select AutomaticallyUntick the ” expression as a selection. BlackBerry — BB10 Select the tool and click CTRL + F5 on the page.
  • After doing this,Select Version” on the ” screenWindows 10” and then select “Turkish” on the language selection screen and click the “Confirm” button.
  • Download link as 32 bit or 64 bit only created for 1 daydownload whatever you want according to the version selection.

Even if you couldn’t download Windows 10 ISO, definitely watch our video tutorial below!

Creating a Windows 10 iso file

We answered the question of how to download Windows 10 iso, both in writing and with video. On the other hand, you can do the following applications to create the original ISO file you downloaded and convert it to a format file.

  • Click on Download Rufus and download the necessary software to extract the ISO to USB.
  • Run Rufus after formatting the USB.
  • Select the ISO file from the “Select” field and make sure the Partition Schema is checked “GPT” and then Target System “UEFI”.
  • After clicking the “Start” button, wait for the writing process to finish. Good formats!
How to Download Windows 10 iso?
How to Download Windows 10 iso?

Windows 10 download

Windows 10 download and Windows 10 iso download are the same issues. The file you need to install the Windows 10 operating system after downloading is the ISO image. ISO images are files that can be written to multimedia formats such as CD / DVD, especially USB, and are suitable for pre-loading.

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To wrap it up, just follow the steps above for Windows 10 download.

YouTube video

Windows 10 System Requirements

Disk Space 32-bit = 16GB, 64-bit = 20GB
RAM 32-bit = 1 GB, 64-bit = 2 GB
Processor 1GHz Processor
Display card DirectX 9 and above

The system requirements for the Windows 10 Operating system are shared with you in the table above. Although these system requirements are minimum, there is no information such as maximum system requirements.

How many gb is windows 10 iso?

The Windows 10 ISO file is 5.3GB for 64-bit. Since DVD sizes are below this, you definitely need a minimum 8 GB USB for formatting.

Is Windows 10 ISO Free?

The Windows 10 ISO file is free to download. On the other hand, it is important to perform Windows 10 Activation. The Windows 10 operating system you have already downloaded and installed will be original but not activated.

How Much Does Windows 10 Cost?

Although Windows 10 is a free application, the license key required for Activation is paid. Although priced according to the licenses system, licenses between 30 TL and 50 TL per year will meet your needs.

We have conveyed the issue to you in detail in our Windows 10 iso Download content. The contents listed below are relevant to the topic.

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