Young Entrepreneur Application Petition, February 2023

Young entrepreneur application letter It is one of the subjects that young people who want to start their own business research a lot. With the recent deterioration of the economy, young people seek support for entrepreneurship before they step into entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneur petition It is one of the first things that come to mind on this road. This applies to young people under the age of 29. young entrepreneur application letter we will review.

While preparing the economic support packages, intensive work is carried out by keeping the youth in the foreground. Young people are supported in all areas such as insurance and tax payments. These laws were officially published on 18.05.2018. In this published package, there was a very important subject that would attract the attention of young people. It has been announced that Bağkur premium support will be given to young people. You only need to meet certain conditions to benefit from these supports. What are the young entrepreneur application requirements? Let’s examine it together.

What are the conditions for the Young Entrepreneur Application Petition?

Young entrepreneur petition sample Before preparing, you should know what conditions you need to meet. These conditions will ensure that your application is concluded with positive results. So what are these conditions?

  • You must be over the age of 18 and not over the age of 29. The most important requirement is the age requirement.
  • When we examine the announced Income Tax Laws, article 20 draws our attention. The earnings of the young entrepreneur are examined. You must meet the requirements for earning.
  • When Bağkur is examined, those who first entered Bağkur on the basis of 01.06.2018,
  • Having a business for the first time,
  • Those who started business life as a sole proprietorship

If you meet the necessary conditions, you can become a young entrepreneur.

Young Entrepreneur Petition Sample 1024x415 - Young Entrepreneur Application Petition
Young Entrepreneur Petition

How to Apply for a Young Entrepreneurship Application Petition?

The easiest applications Interactive Tax Office is done on the site. Young entrepreneur application letter It can be done by anyone who fulfills the relevant requirements. Our advice to you is to be in contact with a financial advisor. Because financial advisors are knowledgeable in this process Young entrepreneur petition sample They take steps in professionalism. Startup support petition is easily obtained. After the petition is ready, you should apply to the nearest SSI directorate in your location. After the application is accepted, you can easily benefit from the support.

How Much is the Young Entrepreneur Support?

When we evaluate it on an annual basis before the amount to be received, you will be exempt from income tax until you pay 75000 TL. This is a really important item for new business owners. As of the business establishment, Bağkur premiums are paid from the treasury for one year. One of the most difficult issues for young people was the Bağkur premiums. The annual total cost of Bağkur for 2023 is over 20000 TL. Annual fee of 20000 TL is covered by the state treasury. You have many advantages in terms of social security. Young entrepreneurs can benefit from all opportunities for one year. Young entrepreneur support petition Before giving, it should be examined very well and the application should be made carefully so that the aid is not cancelled.

Young Entrepreneur Application Petition 1 1024x620 - Young Entrepreneur Application Petition
Young Entrepreneur Application Petition Sample

Young Entrepreneur Exemption Tax Office Petition Sample

Young entrepreneur exemption petition You can easily find the sample.



I am the taxpayer with the tax number …… of the tax office in Istanbul. I meet the requirements of the Young Entrepreneur Incentive application in the circular numbered 2018/28, which is included in the 22nd article of the Law No. 7143, which was published on 18.05.2018 and was published in the Official Gazette numbered 30425. I am requesting a letter from your side, which states that I am a young entrepreneur, to be given to the Social Security Institution Directorate. I hereby request you to take the necessary action.








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